Andy Wiener: Love Scenes

About Love Scenes

Wiener took the issue of identity to a different level in this photographic series called “Love Scenes” Here he photographed the faces of Barbie Doll, Ken Doll and He Man Doll, and made photographic masks which he asked participants to wear. In this series, he was preoccupied by people in society who unwittingly conform to stereotypes.

In this work it looks as if a whole population is inspired to adopt the identities of Barbie and Ken. What lies beneath the surface here is He Man, a seed of desire that is sown in Barbie’s mind, initially under the sofa and then coming fully into being. Barbie and He Man become a romantic pair with disastrous consequences..

A Rakes Progress and Love Scenes was published in 1990 by Cornerhouse Publications. The work was purchased by the Scottish National Portait Gallery, and as was exhibited in solo and group shows that toured the UK and abroad.